The Garden

The garden is originally an olive yard, with still about 30 very old olive trees and offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation. Whether you want to sunbathe, cool down in the pool, read a book under one of the arbours, walk through the garden, it’s all possible.

Los Mofletes is located in an ancient olive yard, where you can relax, cool down in the pool or just enjoy the beautiful garden and its tranquility.


“Los Mofletes” is a 6,000 square meter paradise for both humans and animals alike. Enjoy our beautiful surroundings, with its stunning olive trees, sometimes adorned with blossoms or ripe black olives. A wide variety of trees can be seen, such as pine, cypresses, conifers, oleanders, as well as many other Mediterranean plants. The flowering roses, climbers, and aromatic herbs attract a variety of wildlife and insects, such as bees, dragonflies, butterflies, and the hummingbird hawk-moth.

It is a beautiful sight to see the squirrels nibbling on the pine cones, in the garden of B&B Los Mofletes.


There are many species of birds to observe in the garden. It is a wonderful experience to be awakened by the early song of the blackbird, or the call of the hoopoe bird that announces that summer is approaching. It is a beautiful sight to see the squirrels nibbling on the pine cones. In the summer you can watch the swallows feed by the pool, and then be chased away by the bats for the same purpose. In the autumn you can see the cranes take flight as they migrate to their winter shelter. A flock of sheep are also regular trespassers, which is always a wonderful sight.

A flock of sheep regularly passes by our B&B.


Many residents have found their way in to our wonderful garden…rabbits, snakes, and the harmless variety of scorpion. The most enthusiastic animal that you will meet is our Scotch Collie dog Chica. She adores people, loves to be fussed and petted, and will always greet you warmly with endless enthusiasm and a wagging tail!

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