A little bit about us

Allow us to share our story with you; our journey in search of the perfect home, emigration, and the success of Los Mofletes.
Although it was tough and exhausting to take the leap into the unknown, it was worth the pain.

We are Jan and Karin, the proud owners of Los Mofletes, which comprises three luxurious countryside studios in central Spain, and currently, three unique holiday homes on the Costa Blanca.

[:nl]Onder een van de prieeltjes van onze Bed & Breakfast Los Mofletes, kan je heerlijk in de schaduw een boek lezen.[:en]One of Los Mofletes arbours where you can read a book.[:es]El jardín de la casa rural Los Mofletes, es perfecto para relajarse. Ya sea tomando el sol, refrescándose en la piscina, leyendo un libro en uno de los cenadores.[:]

Enjoying every day

Every single day, we revel in the decision we made to move to Spain. From the weather and the surroundings to the tranquillity, garden, our jobs, and of course, our authentic town of Chinchón, as well as our love for the beautiful Moraira.

As nature and interacting with people has always been a passionate part of my life, I felt the need to exchange my administrative job for running workshops in the atelier next to our house.

Onze B&B Los Mofletes in het midden van Spanje, is van oudsher een olijfboomgaard, waar nu nog zo´n 30 exemplaren staan.

The search in Chinchón

However, as adventurer’s blood runs where it cannot go, we decided to emigrate to Spain at the end of 2015, in relation to Jan’s job, where he is still employed.

Thus, a long journey of searching started with traveling to Madrid for some weekends to try to find the ideal house in a wonderful, quiet location suitable for hosting guests in the future.

As soon as we walked through the grounds of the finca in Chinchón and noticed the beautiful view, we knew for sure that this had to be the perfect place. It exceeded all our greatest expectations, and we immediately saw our dream.

The Spanish adventure

Then, in November 2016, the day of emigration arrived, and our Spanish adventure could begin. After two and a half years of renovations, a time-out, and many jobs further, it had finally been transformed into a true paradise.

In May 2019, we opened the doors to guests, who unsuspectingly stepped into paradise, blown away by the beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings. And this is what we are all about, giving guests a taste of what we get to experience every day.


De communicatie met de eigenaar en vertegenwoordiger ter plaatse verliep soepel.

Arno & Wilga

Jan en Karin hebben het ons heel gemakkelijk gemaakt: van boeking tot afscheid.

Marco, Lonneke en Lotte

De ontvangst en de afhandeling was perfect.

Guido & Valerie

De verhuurders waren uiterst behulpzaam en gaven tips over de omgeving en alle toeristische bezienswaardigheden in de regio.

De eigenaren zorgden ervoor dat we ons thuis voelden.

Het beste van alles waren Karin en Jan die ons te allen tijde verzorgden en in de watten legden, super gedetailleerd met alles, het ontbrak ons aan niets.

[:nl]De opening van onze B&B Los Mofletes was op 18 november 2018, een prachtige dag met onze vrienden uit Chinchón.[:en]On November 18, 2018, we officially opened the doors of “Los Mofletes”, our B&B in Chinchón.[:es]El 18 de noviembre de 2018 abrimos "Los Mofletes". Fue una fiesta fantástica junto con nuestros amigos.[:]

In love with Moraira

During our trip to the coast in search of a holiday home, we instantly fell in love with the seaside town of Moraira. Now, we have three unique homes in a very special location for rental for holidays and winter periods.

If the properties are not rented out, we don’t know how quickly to jump in the car to spend a relaxing weekend there. We love the sea, the beautiful surroundings, the beach, the atmosphere, and the nice terraces and restaurants.

los mofletes terras golondrina

Personal touch

Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy a stay in the holiday homes as much as we do and exceed your expectations, giving you an experience you will never forget
The representative in Moraira will receive you personally and give you all the information you need for a perfect stay and will be on standby, just in case.

[:nl]De lokale producten van Chinchón zijn knoflook, anijslikeur en wijn, een bezoek aan de "cuevas del vino" de eeuwenoude wijnkelders in een van de restaurants.[:en]The typical products of Chinchón are anise liqueur, olive oil, wine and garlic.[:es]Los productos típicos de Chinchón son el licor de anís, el aceite de oliva, el vino y el ajo.[:]

Always available

We are just a phone call away to help with any questions you may have and keep in touch with you leading up to and during your stay in the holiday homes, so that you can leave relaxed and concentrate on the most important thing: spending time together.